Make the mask for perfectly soft feet by yourself

Summer heat, which will soon be replaced by pleasant autumn temperatures, requires a special and customized body care to keep the skin hydrated enough. This
implies foot care for them to look flawlessly in various summer shoes and sandals, and in order to remain nourished during the next seasons, and to recover from high temperatures, sea salt, or chlorine, they need a good hydration mask. Our proposal is that you make the mask for foot care by yourself and below we present you:


Mask of oatmeal and brown sugar

Put in the blender 60 grams of ground oatmeal and the same amount of brown sugar. Then transfer the resulting mixture into a small bowl, add 60 g of honey, a
spoonful of lemon juice and a spoon of olive oil. Divide the mixture into two plastic bags, place your feet in them, rub the paste into your feet with massage
movements, and let the mask work for the next 10 minutes. After washing with lukewarm water, you will immediately notice that your feet will be much softer and


Super-moisturizing night mask

If you have a dry and cracked skin of the feet, we suggest you apply this treatment which also consists of completely natural ingredients. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with the same amount of cocoa butter and 3 capsules of vitamin E. In the evening, immediately after a shower when the pores are open, massage the mask into the skin of the foot, put on the socks and leave it there all night. You'll notice a change in the morning.


Cucumber mask

In the case that you have a rough skin on your feet, this is a mask that will give you great results when it comes to foot care. Blend 2 small cucumbers with juice from one lemon and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Divide the mixture into two freezer bags, place your feet inside and let the mask work for another 15 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water, and try to apply this treatment once a week.


Mask from vegetable oil

Finally, one very simple mask for those who want to have soft feet – before bedtime, rub the oil well into the skin of the feet (we recommend the coconut!), put on socks, and in the morning rinse with lukewarm water. You will be surprised how much your skin will be softer immediately.

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